Dharbinder was born in Kiambu, Kenya in 1965. His early childhood was spent on the family farm in India, and the abundance of nature and wildlife was to have a lifetime impact on him.

In 1976, Dharbinder moved to England and was, to say the least, bored with the life style. In order to escape, he took to drawing wildlife at an early age.

His talent was recognized by many and he was encouraged to continue. Opting not to attend University, to carry on his now chosen career, he pursued drawing and painting - a self learning process that has carried on today.

Though the vast majority of his work has been of wildlife, from time to time works of figurative and nudes have come out of his studio. It is that certain, undefined need to draw. Perhaps in part a consequence of a non-conformist spirit, he has always worked in quiet, intense solitude.

Dharbinder knows the pitfalls of settling for just a description of the nature that is in front of him, the pitfall of producing what is loosely and often derisively, termed "wildlife art." And so, he searches for knowledge and wisdom. He paints no part of the subject that could be merely a description of the thing, but rather he pares it all down.

Dharbinder was elected in 2004 to become a Signture Member at the Society of Animal Artists, New York, New York.